Eye a movie by Ramin Niami I am watching you Without A Face

Now Available in US and Canada from Gravitas Ventures

the UK from Miracle Media

and Eastern Europe from HBO Central.

Other territories available through Cardinal XD

Alt. Shift. Homicide.

A modern twist on Rear Window. Henry, an agoraphobic and anxious young man living in Los Angeles, hacks into the webcams of various selected young women who inhabit the city. He watches over them in their daily lives, seeing himself as their guardian angel. When his new charming roommate Eric, a Youtuber and struggling actor pushes him to get out into the real world, he unknowingly puts Henry in danger. And as Henry starts to suspect one of the women he watches, Laura, of being a killer, everything starts to spiral out of control.

Director and Writer

Ramin Niami


Director of Photography

Tara Violet Niami



Charlie Clouser



Dakota Shapiro

Luke cook

Vlada Verevko